Grand East Mainline

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Grand East Mainline is the mainline connecting Origin (Marcuse St.) with Kulbacki's Land at Gare de Paris Lyon. It is mostly straight, but unlike shittles, it is fitted into the terrain.

Half of the line is an undersea tunnel, running under the large sea between Windy Mountains and Kulbacki's land. It starts in the Windy mountains range and ends near the goods station at the coast of Kulbacki's land, south of Gare de Paris Lyon.

It is served by the Klb train, which runs on 10-minute cycles. The train departs from Origin at every :x0 mark and departs from Gare de Paris Lyon at every :x5 mark. Since the Grand East Mainline is primarily planned for goods transport, there are no intermediate stops.

The line was constructed by orwell in need of a railway line leading eastward, doing so before someone builds a shittle.