Hume Line

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Hume Line
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

to Personhood
towards Schwarzschild Street
Someone's Crap
Perlin River
Leekston - East
Szymon's Dam
Line 1
Grand East Mainline
to Origin
Kosha Branch
Chasm of Segfault
Line 2
towards Onionland
towards South Forest and Stallmangrad
Land's End
towards Land's End - West
towards upper station of Valley of Pharoah
Valley of Pharoah
Overunderground Tower
towards Mom Junction
Dry Island

The Hume Line is a mainline built by Hume2 between Dry Island and Ehlodex. Important intermediate stops along the route include Land's End (Planetarium), Kosha Branch, and Leekston - East.


The line was constructed in January 2019 by Hume2. It was first served by the X Nihilo Express which ran from Land's End to Ehlodex, Personhood West and finally X Nihilo.

In mid-2019 the X Nihilo Express was re-routed to terminate at South Forest, because South Forest was seen as a much more important destination for a terminus.

On 8 December 2019, the X Nihilo Express was merged with the E35 and now forms the Noob Express service. Service on the Hume Line continues between Chasm of Segfault and Manaugh Memorial.