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Sky 1, Sky 2 and the railway station
Sky 1, Sky 2 and the railway station
Map render of Independia, the World border home and surrounds.
Map render of Independia, the World border home and surrounds.
Coordinates: 🌍 30656,15,2053 (map)
Founded by56independent
 • Mayor56independent
a map of the rail network. the island-independia line (magenta/pink) is not completed, so shows up as a dashed line.
the wbh map, as above, but with svg format, for editing

welcome to independia! a city built with glow glass, rubber wood and stone bricks! you will find these three materials making up most of the buildings. thsi town is the most distant there is. its almost at te world border, and a train will take you to the border to have a proper look. it is currently closed, so dont buy any houses. fi you do, the area wil be given back to me, wit your possessions, and you wont be refunded.

transport from spawn/origin/wbh to independia

since independia is such a crazy distance from anywhare notable, it will have its won tp pad, taking us to a small tp room, with a tp pad to the trisiston home-shop basement, where you can get kidnapped teleport to all of my other areas! as for the wbh, a small train tunnel will be built, single track (as its just one train, dammit!), carting passangers from one place to the other. this will have ballast, but no intelrocking (single train!!). the wbh station will be nesteld where i see fit, with a path to it shown by condensed cobble markers. the track will suddenly dive or rise, depending entirely on what y the station at the end is. after hieght calibration, its time for axis calibration. once i get the right n/s axis,i cna do a striaght, west stretch, building cobble viaducts (with no ballast, naughty naughty) where needed, and ballasted (i am a good boi) tunnels when needed. no consideration for the landscape, just a straight track. i mean, im 20KM from where anyone lives, so i can build whatever the hell i like.

as for a train track between origin (the noob's spawn point) and independia (a place where noobs can be as nooby as the like, 20KM away from anyone), i will need to hire young workers. read about it in the next heading:

noob railway

for transport, by rail, i will need to hire a small workforce of workers for making tracks. there will be a job advert, clearly stated in linuxforks station "track builders wnated for independia-island track, 100MG per KM. any skill set, go to <co-ords> for more information" with the co-ords being for independia town hall, with a poster screaming "WORKERS NEEDED".


the track will be paid in 100M sections of track, or "payables". these will be paid 10MG each, wich may seem low, but as the track needed is ~30KM, and a km of track is 100 MG, that means that 10KM = 1000MG. seeing as payong 10* as much slaary would make me have to pay 30K (which i dont have), 3K seems like a good payment for the 30KM of track.

look, specifications and materials

the track will need to be built with a very specific style, to fit in with independia. the tunnels will have to be lined with rubber wood and stone brick (small stone brick rings every 3M), and bridges will need to be built to the exact same style. ballast will be laid everywhere, except the tunnels (tracks laid on a long line of stone brick, around it will be rubber wood). the tunnels will need lighting, so they must be 5 blocks tall, to accomidate the glo-glass. on the open land, there is no need for materials, just a long line of gravel ballast.


to build such tracks without track_builder is a challenge. here is my plan:

  1. build the track structure itself
  2. ask for an inspection, from 56 independent, with co-ords from /whereami command. once it has passed inspection:
  3. protect a 50 long section ( use distancer csm!)
  4. build the track
  5. hand ownership to 56indepent, for maintinence.
  6. repeat steps 1-5, then:
  7. recive your pay after protecting two areas

naming scheme

to name areas, follow this scheme:
<beggining and x co-ords for the middle of the track (30700-30500)> <what half it is (I) or (II)><builder (noob)>
a few examples, from x=30700 to x=30100:

  • 30700-30600 I lovecats
  • 30700-30600 II lovecats
  • 30600-30500 I 45together
  • 30600-30500 II lovecats

indpendia - for noobs!

im finding it hard to build a huge city, full of buyable homes. thats why im gonna create a small noob city. down in the residental estate (west of the town hall). it will be a system of small, fenced plots, with "for sale" signs attached. a noob can buy a plot for 10MG each. each plot will be 15*25*15 (25 being height). each plot can eb built on, in any style, but a poorly made building will be destroyed, after 2 weeks notice (i tell the noob "no, no good, do this or it gets detroyed" by mail, and if they refuse, it gets destroyed). plus, with the completion of the plots (maybe a few 50 should cut it), independia could become the new noob town! of course, transport will be patchy until the tracks are built, but beofre then, we can get to the town hall by linuxforks centre, or a new command "/ind", for independia. doing this will give indepndia a speical status, raising it to the levek of trisiton, or personhood.


to ensure independia goes into the news, we need to get some publicity. here are some events:

playpak: get at least 5 players to go to certian co-ordiantes where a small cup will be built. nametages will be hidden, but the skins wont. the image of a lot of players in sucha small space should generate some publicity, if i can sneak it into picture of the month. i can add a link to independia, and get people to visit

buildoff: to really ensure publicity, we can establish a buildoff, over the course of 2 hours for each round. there will be 3 rounds, each with different players in different timezones. it will happen on a sunday, as you wont need to domuch on that day. each player will be given a 20*20 area, with a 15 block height limit. an alt account, on my other computer can record video (time lapse) of the players working, so players can watch a 1minute, unlisted video on my channel. (link will be in my user page).

prizes are: first - 500MG, second - 250MG, third 100MG

only 8 plots will be built for each round. the buildoff can help ensure people have a parmemant residence in indpendia.


after the main publicity events have people winning, and i have lost 2550 MG ((500+250+100)*3), i need a way to make money. first, a 100MGper month taxis established, unless you can prove you have less then 1000MG balance, in that case you pay a 10MG permonth tax. it must be paid in wire transfer, no other. i will also sell plots, like skyscraper floors, suburbs, and empty plots, with different sizes.they have no furnature, as they are fresh, and you can add your own. the plot sizes are just little notes, considering differnec,e i will do what "feels right". here they are:

  • floor - just a single/part of a floor from a skyscraper. the sizes are:
    • floor-sardine - just a small room, quarter the floor. cost:250 MG
    • floor-half - half the width of the skyscraper. cost: 500MG
    • floor-full - an entire skyscraper floor, to do what you like. the stairs and utilites not included. cost: 1000MG
    • plot - a plot, to build a skyscraper. 750MG
  • suburban - a private home, all to yourself:
    • surburban-one - a one bedroom bungalow, with acces to the attic. downstairs there are only a closed up toilet, small kitchen and diner space (add furnature yourself). cost - 500MG
    • surburban-two - a two bedroom, two floor house. all the features of the last one, but they have small, glass walls seperating them. cost - 1,000MG
    • surburban-large - a large, huge mansion. it has 10 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 1 large garage, and large amounts of space. this is very far from the city centre, and costs 10,000MG
  • plot - a little square of brick, that you own and build on:
    • plot-small - 25M2 of space. 50MG
    • plot-medium - 50M2 of space. 100MG
    • plot-large - 100M2 of space. 200MG
  • factory - brebuilt factories, no machines, ust structure. mesured in cubic metres of space:
    • mv-supply (addon) - get mv directly to your factory, for only 50MG (or 50 generators)
    • hv-supply (addon) - get hv directly to your factory, for only 100MG (or 25 generators)
    • factory-small - 100M3 of space. cost = 500MG
    • factory-medium - 1000M3 of space. cost = 1000MG
    • factory-large - 5000M3 of space. cost = 5000MG

rules considering plots

  1. general plot rules (where you build)
    1. please only build on the obvious platform. if you build two houses, and the 3M gap is prevent you from connecting them, build a


    1. if you want a full block, contact me
  1. skyscrapers
    1. to buy the full skyscraper contact me. dont get a whole lot of floors, find an inabited scraper, and contact me
    2. when building a skyscraper, just dot build cobbleboxes. build something inventive, revolutonary. cobble boxes? build them at your own house, or a few km north of independia (i will build a train line if you want). what i want is a tower, that pushes the linmits of human engineering, copies jenga blocks or some other work of art.
  2. surburban homes
    1. content added later
  3. mini noob city
    1. use the stone brick on sale in the town hall as a frame for your building. you may use other materials, like baked clay, but contact me (baked clay could work for extremely different buildings). for the panels inside, use rubber wood, but if you wnat to use another material, do (please ensure the rest is rubber wood).
    2. maximum amount of plots you are allowed is 2. if you buy anymore, i will claim the property back, and you wont be refunded (so, your 10MG is lost to me, forever). i will take all your items. reminder: your first 2 properties are safe, but any more? destroyed and all your items taken (from extra houses you got)
    3. plot size is 15*25*15. no bigger then this square. if you manage to build bigger then this, your building will get trimmed.
    4. if you are confused by the above rule. you *want* a skyscaper, then buy a proper, 100MG skyscraper plot. IN THE SKYSCRAPER DISTRICT.


the city will be centred around the main station. a path branches off the main station, and a sign guides you to all the differenct zones. in the north, some factpries are bing built, and to the south there are plans to build some houses. all the buildings are built of the same four base materials:

  • rubber wood
  • stone brick
  • glass
  • sluper glow glass

when the town shall open

an aincent phrophercy reads:
a town, built in september of the year a great plauge swept the world,
shall never open never


  1. train finished
  2. hall finished
  3. 2 factories completed
  4. 1 block of flats built
  5. radio tower completed
  6. sky 2 finished
  7. two surburban-ones completes
  8. functional factory completed
  9. noob town just began