John Horton Conway Street Subway Station

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John Horton Conway Street
Fms PlatformU4.png
The Line 4 platform looking northwest, with Mount Gabriel in the background.
Coordinates🌍 -920,11,-400 (map)
Other information
Station codeFms
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toward Ice Mountain
toward Lighthouse

John Horton Conway Street (often omitting the John and/or Horton) is a subway station on the Spawn Subway network, served by Lines 4 and 5. It is named after a famous British mathematician, most known for creating the Game of Life cellular automaton.

The stations construction is eclectic garbage, reflecting the surrounding landscape. Stone tile, red path wood, acacia wood, dry dirt, wool for platforms and healing wood fences are all used in its construction. The clearance between the two platforms is minimum height. The station does at least have a network map and good platform indication.


The station is located on the Mountain Ring Road and adjacent Parliament. On the west side of the station is Grieferschutz, a retail location for sale by Blockhead.


The station was once called Farms South. The area name and the station code still reflect this fact. There were indeed farms in the area at the time, but they have been demolished in favour of Euler Street Station. There are no more farms left, unless one counts the backyard of Casa de luli with its orange, palm and banana trees.

The area on the west of the station previously contained cobbleboxes of cobble, dirt and stone tile; it had been griefed extensively and some of it was protected by ⚖️ Och_Noe. There are a series of shittle tracks that go nowhere. The whole area could do with a good clean up and redevelopment.

The griefed land was obtained by Blockhead and used to make a retail shop. It is called Grieferschutz (German: Grief protection) after the name of the area Och_Noe tried to use to protect it.



A nearby shop available for sale built in de-griefed land.