Laza's Field

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Laza's Field
LazasField Minimap.png
The field as it appears on the map render
General information
Coordinates🌍 -2148,16,-331 (map)
Owner⚖️ laza

Laza's Field is a huge field made by ⚖️ laza. It is west of Spawn across the sea. It is shaped like a compass: On the north is crystal grass, on the east is grey grass, on the south is fiery grass and on the west is dry grass. In the centre ordinary grass surrounds a rectangular field with many (perhaps all) kinds of crops growing inside.

To the west of the field is a passenger railway station, Laza's Field Station.

Aerial view looking northwest. The station is visible behind the field. The field is so huge it is hard to capture in one screenshot.