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Light in minetest ranges from 0-15, where 0 is completely dark and 15 is the brightness of the sun. See the minetest wiki for more information. The rest of this article will cover light with our Blocks and Mods.

Light sources

These nodes emit light at varying levels. The item represents the in-game name and the itemstring is internal and will tell you which mod these nodes are from.

Item itemstring Light level
Mese lamp default:meselamp 14
Mese post light default:mese_post_light 14
TNT going boom tnt:boom 14
Super glow glass moreblocks:super_glow_glass 14
Lava (source) default:lava_source 13
Lava (flowing) default:lava_flowing 13
Fire (basic) fire:basic_flame 13
Fire (permanent) fire:permanent_flame 13
Glo stone ethereal:glostone 13
Torch default:torch 12
Bright glow glass moreblocks:bright_glow_glass 12
Glow glass moreblocks:glow_glass 11
Firefly in a bottle fireflies:firefly_bottle 9
Low glow glass moreblocks:low_glow_glass 8
Furnace (active) default:furnace_active 8
Firefly fireflies:firefly 6
Burning Gun Powder tnt:gunpowder_burning 5
Dim glow glass moreblocks:dim_glow_glass 5
Mese block default:mese 3