Local Lines

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Local Lines
Regional Rail Map with Local and Express lines
Transit typeLocal Train
Number of lines12
Began operation2017
Operator(s)LinuxForks Rail, DURT, Personhood Metrorail
LuaATC environment

The term Local Lines refers to lines that serve a local area but do not stop as frequently as a Subway. Mostly they start with an S, but this convention is not always followed.

State Railways

A server-wide government manages these lines. Currently, there are at least the following lines in this group:

Spawn-Origin services occupy the 0-9 and lower half of the 1x range:

  • S1 Spawn to Origin via Riverside and Onionland
  • S12 Ehlodex to Spawn Main
  • S13 Ritchie Memorial Shuttle

Personhood services are in the upper half of the 1x range. They are operated as Personhood Metrorail:

Northwest quarter services are in the 2x range:

Trisiston services are in the 3x range:

Named services:

  • KS Kosha Shuttle

Other operators

Other than the state railways, other operators operate similar services to the local lines. These include: