Lucifru Style

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Lucifru Shop
Lucifru Shop in 2019
General information
StatusIn Use
Typeshop and residential
Architectural styleLucifru Style
Town or cityOrigin
Coordinates🌍 88,16,-140 (map)
Design and construction
ArchitectUser:lucifru and User:pseudonyme

Lucifru Style is an architectural stlye invented by User:Lucifru. It is the concept of CW Complexes applied to shops. It is composed of shops arranged with no particular pattern on the outside of a building. Whether or not it is considered griefing is up to debate.

Roadspace handling

Lucifu Style shops tend to expand and occupy adjacent roads. Players constructing Lucifru Shops tend to destroy roads to expand their retail area.

Lucifru Shop

Lucifru shop is the main representant of this style of architecture. It was found by User:nadine while trying to buy gold for her city.

Recent Developments

The owners of Lucifru shop were ordered by the moderators to clean up the shop and to remove the shops to the roadway. Lucifru shop was refurbished into a cobblebox.

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