Lusin Street Station

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Lusin Street
LusinStreet ProfileView NorthEast.png
A profile view from the northeast.
Coordinates🌍 965,15,1200
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toward Land's End
toward X Nihilo

Lusin Street is a station on the Express Lines network, served by the X Nihilo Express XN. All other trains pass through without stopping. It is part of the Spawn-Personhood Mainline.

Its construction is average, with stone bricks, plain stone and 45 degree slopes of stone tiles. The only notable settlment is what appears to be plans for a 'minimarket' shop owned by memek, and a rather cramped pub built by orwell below the east platform.

The station is named after famous Russian mathematician Nikolai Luzin (also romanised Lusin).


Spawn Subway Line 4 used to run to this station before the line was truncated back to Schwarzschild Street. The Spawn Subway was never meant to extend this far and this was only done on a temporary basis until the rest of the mainline was built to Personhood. Eventually, the line was interlocked after the introduction of TSS signalling and service was taken over by the X Nihilo Express.

Only ballast is left where the old reversing loop used to be.