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Manaugh was a well-known griefer. He is the only player who had to be banned in iptables, due to his repeated persistence and logging in under different usernames.

A typical base built by Manaugh

His grave is located at the cemetery of the church of St Gabriel the archangel in West Riverside.

Manaugh Sign

It is suspected that T-T is the sign of Manaugh, which he likes to make in the chat.

Manaugh Museum

On April 12, 2019, 👑 gabriel found an intact Manaugh base in the landscape. He plans to turn this into a Manaugh museum, so other users can experience the Life and Death of Manaugh. It is located near 🌍 275,11.5,2564 (map) , about 1km west of Personhood, somewhat south of the S16a Deep Valley Mountain station. A path built by eliza leads to the area from the station.

Manaugh Griefing Memorial

A memorial was built to the north-west of Personhood along with the neighboring Manaugh Memorial station. The station is served by the X Nihilo Mainline and is currently the end of Line S14 of the Personhood Metrorail.

Possible Return

In January 2019, ⚖️ Och_Noe spotted an account called Hornstrom79, which is suspected to be an alt-account of Manaugh.

In early December 2019, 👑 gabriel spotted an account starting with Gourdine, which was then placed under observation, and quickly left the server without doing any damage.

List of Usernames used

  • Manaugh48
  • Manylath3
  • ravern4
  • Huffmaster36
  • Orandello2
  • Maccini62
  • Gourdine
  • Silerio71
  • Oginski34
  • Navejar59
  • Gruenwald97
  • Lagares12
  • Willner71
  • Justine33
  • Lenore20
  • Tovmasyan20
  • Valado8
  • Navejar59
  • Cyclone
  • MirandaGamer8
  • Blender26
  • alvaro
  • alvarooo
  • strero

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