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Maps are generated at irregular intervals now, due to problems with the map generation. Usually, the area between x,z=-6000 and x,z=6000 is mapped. Since 2019-07-09, maps are being generated between x,z=-7008 and x,z=7008.

Worldmaps can be found at the out.svg file also overlays the railway map, for best viewing, download both world.png and out.svg and view them locally on your computer.

Some older maps are also available. Donations of missing maps are welcome, please ask ⚖️ Och_Noe in-game for details.

Combining SVG and PNG files in Inkscape

This can be used to see about the same coordinates in Inkscape and Minetest. Put the raster (PNG) image on one layer (see Non-smoothing below), and create another layer for your marks. It may be difficult to combine out.svg with the detailed map, because they have different resolution, but you can begin with a separate vector layer just for your marks. The raster image (“between x,z=-7008 and x,z=7008”) must be configured such that the toolbar shows approximately “X: -7008.4, Y: -7008.4, W: 14016.0, Y: 14016.0”. Thus the coordinates of your pointer will match the coordinates of the pixels in the image. If you make a vector object not equal to a pixel, it will probably not appear at the same place as its coordinates though.


If you combine SVG and PNG files to open in Inkscape (for the -7008,7008 maps, locate the map), make sure Inkscape shows the pixels as-is (source:

Preferences → Bitmaps → Import → Bitmap scale (image-rendering): choose "Blocky (optimizeSpeed)"

or add image-rendering:optimizeSpeed to the PNG image's layer's style in the existing .svg file.

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