Marcuse Street Station

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Marcuse Street Station
Trains stopped at the station.
ConnectionsO1 2
OpenedOctober 2017

Marcuse Street Station is the principal railway station of Origin. Even though it is the only mainline station in Origin, trains and maps insist on labeling the destination as "Origin (Marcuse St.)". The station is built from sandstone brick and has 4 tracks with 3 platforms. It is also served by Lines O1 (aboveground and accessible from indoors) and 2 (underground in the plaza in front of the station).

Railway Services

The following railway services serve the station:

History of Subway

In order to improve intermodal access, Line 2 needed to be rerouted to Marcuse Street. However, this realignment bypassed Churchill Street. To remedy the situation, Line 2a was created between Origin and Edenwood with the intermediate stop at Churchill Street, reusing the still existing terminal track at Edenwood subway station.

To pay for this reconstruction, faregates were placed at the Marcuse Street stop on Line 2 . These were soon removed after public outcry.