Maze Station (Personhood)

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Maze (station)
Maze Station.png
The platforms at Maze station, with a train headed for Personhood West.
Coordinates🌍 866,12,2994 (map)
Line(s)Personhood City Tunnel
Other information
Station codePhmz
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
toward PK Factory

Maze station is named after the hedge maze built by ⚖️ dhausmig near the station's entrance. The station platforms are marble while the walls are made of desert stone tiles. Glostones are embedded in the stone ceiing to provide illumination. A third set of tracks terminate behind the fenced side of the south platform.

Nearby Points of Interest

The exit provides direct access to Ernst Goldmann Street.

  • A public machinery station by goat
  • Maze
  • Unnamed Highway 8
  • Western Gate