Melinka Town

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Melinka Town
Melinka town.png
Melinka Town view from the Lighthouse
Coordinates: 🌍 -2071,6,-4583 (map)
Founded byAksum

Melinka Town is a town in the far south, built by Aksum, next to a lava field. It can be reached by the E1 and Noob Express services, which stop at Melinka Town Station. A teleport pad is also available in the Spawn Travel Centre.


Melinka Town was built around the new industry site of Aksum. In the search for more space to build, Aksum abandoned his house in South Forest and moved to the far south to build his new industrial building. The first purpose of the industry was the production of canned food to supply Aksum's Spawn shop. A solar tower was incorporated in the building to supply energy. To the west of the building, by the coast, a crop plot was set. Then, a train station and rails were built to connect Melinka Town with other places. From there, a town was founded, with the Town Hall and a shop to the north of Aksum industry, and its characteristics willow wood streets.

Melinka Town view from the Lighthouse by night
Melinka Town map
Temple of the church of Emacs

Main Buildings

  • Aksum Industry: the first building, located in Yastai street.
  • Town Hall: provides services such as ATM, information board, mailbox and free cookies. Located in Pewen street.
  • Shop: in Pewen street, in front of the Town Hall.
  • Travel Centre: provides teletrasportation to the Botanical Garden in Bamboo plains, to Neverbuild city, and to the Spawn travel centre. It also has a poster with teletransport commands. Located in Luan Street.
  • Restaurant: it has a dining room on the first floor, over a lava pit, and has an ATM and 4 different menus. Located in the corner of Ralko and Luan street.
  • [[[Melinka Town Station|Train Station]]: providing services to Trisiston, Spawn, South Forest, Leekston and Personhood. The entrance is in Pewen street.
  • Lighthouse: crossing the bridge west of Pewen street, built by Shacolate.
  • Temple: of the church of Emacs. It is topped by a golden dome, in Rukapillan Street.
  • Bike Rental: in Luan street and Rukapillan Street, direct access to the bike road circuit.
  • Bank of Melinka: a public section offers access to banking services and a private section contains the town's vaults. In Luan street.
  • Administration office: located in Melinka Street.

Buildings under construction

  • New Melinka train station, with 6 platforms
  • New Botanical garden, with an updated plant collection
  • Quarantine centre; for Covid-19 patients

Gardens, parks and squares

  • Honey garden
  • Town Hall garden
  • Industry garden
  • Temple square, north of the temple
  • Temple garden, east of the temple
  • Forest park


  • Papyrus farm
  • Crops farm
  • Cactus plantation
  • Dairy farm
  • Abbatoire, with automatic drowning system
  • Lamb and chicken pens
  • Farm storage


  • Bike road circuit
  • Redwood mountain viewpoint and jumping site
  • Two holiday-cabins with sea view