Melinka Town Station

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Melinka Town
Melinka StationBuilding.png
The station building, viewed from just outside to the west.
Coordinates🌍 -2080,10,-4575 (map)
Owned byLinuxForks Rail
Operated byLinuxForks Rail
Other information
Station codeMel
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Personhood
toward Trisiston

Melinka Town is a major railway station of the Melinka Town Mainline and the Trisiston-Melinka Railway and part of the Express Lines network, after Musa Island and before Outlet Store/St-15-0. It is the western terminus of the E1 line, and a major station of the Noob Express line.


The station is at an altitude of 10 meters and serves Melinka Town, as the only one station in that city. It has only one access, at the corner of Pewen Street and Yastay Street. It is the southernmost station in LinuxForks.

The station is nicely built; it is made of stone and obsidian bricks, and uses wood and glass as well. The floor is made of glass, and lava flows beneath it.


  • Platform 1: E1 towards Personhood via Spawn. Arriving trains need to take the crossover at the east of the station to get to that platform. It is the western terminus of this line.
  • Platform 2: NX towards Trisiston and towards South Forest, Leekston East, and Manaugh Memorial (i.e. both ways). Arriving trains from Trisiston need to take the crossover at the west of the station to get to that platform.