Memory Station

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Memory Station

Ст. Память
Memory Station 20200904 212836.png
Looking northwest towards Memory Station
Other namesGedächtnis
Coordinates🌍 -6,12,3113 (map)
Owned byMarnack, ParalyzeEntertain
Other information
Station codemem
Opened5 September 2020 (2020-09-05)
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Memory Station is currently the westernmost station of the Personhood Metrorail. It was built in late August and early September of 2020, officially opening on September 5. The station is located at the northern end of ParalyzeEntertain's farm and factory in Memory, at the cross of High Ridge Road and Spaced Repetition Street.

The station was built as a joint project between Marnack and ParalyzeEntertain. The main portion of the station is constructed of silver sandstone tile with aspen wood details. The platform roof is arched glass while sloped obsidian glass covers the adjoining tracks. The platform is a pattern of marble, granite and concrete. A food court is located at the east end of the platform under an obsidian glass roof. The entrance to the station is from the south and leads to a stone tile lined tunnel that ends at a set of stairs that go up to the platform above.

The station has two notable automation features: platform lights and automatic safety doors (screen doors). The lights, embedded in the platform just behind the yellow line, will begin to flash when a train is approaching and become constant when the train stops at the platform. The lights are turned off when the train departs. The automatic safety doors, which appear as a glass wall along the edge of the platform, remain closed until a train comes to a stop at the platform. At that point, sections of the glass corresponding to the length of the train are opened to provide access for embarking and disembarking passengers. The doors close as the train departs.

Below ground is a utility area that is not open to the public that houses the circuitry of the platform lights and safety doors.


05 September 2020 - The station opens

04 September 2020 - Preparing to open