Mom Junction

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Mom Junction
MomJunction ViewPlatform1.png
View north of the station building at night from Platform 1, with an E1 service headed for Melinka Town.
Coordinates🌍 -1115,6,-2120 (map)
Other information
Station codeMom
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Melinka Town
toward Personhood
toward Most!
toward Euler Street
Preceding station   Local Lines   Following station
toward Arcadius
toward Mom's Island

Mom Junction is an old station built by memek and Hume2. It is served by Express Lines E1 and E10, as well as the Local Lines MOM and S23. At the physical level, is at the crossing of lines Dry Island - Bamboo Hills, Spawn-Shanielle Park, Manaugh Great Griefing Railway and Mom Express.


The main northern station has four tracks, two inside the station building and an addition two outside.

The western station on the Dry Island - Bamboo Hills line is reached from a path leading west from Track 4. It has four additional tracks.

  • Track 5: S23 towards Arcadius
  • Tracks 6, 7 & 8: No service.


The station was created early in the server's history (2017) on the Spawn-Shanielle Park line. Worldedit may have been involved in its creation - Blockhead found that the inside of the station building's roof was full of light despite it being fully enclosed! The line went via Most! and headed directly west thereafter to reach Shanielle Park; it has since been severed at Most! and only the E10 currently travels to that station.

Stops for the Mom Express and Manaugh Great Griefing Railway were added at some point after the Spawn-Shanielle Park line.

With the construction of Dry Island - Bamboo Hills, Hume2 built a western station. This station was served by the original incarnation of that line in 2019 until its decommisioning and replacement by the S23. As part of that construction, Hume2 also added a lot of extra trackage to the station.

Hume2 responded to criticism of his extra trackage with the following:

According to some critics, the station is currently overdimensed. Some critics say that the historical monumentality was ruined by Hume2. Fiddlesticks! This is absolute nonsense, because the old station was kept in its original state and the new track was built above it.

However, 👑 gabriel, ⚖️ Och_Noe and others were not convinced. The S23 was extended to the west station on 13 June 2020, and at that time most of the extraneous trackage was demolished. The crazy floating roundabout and the 2-slope overpass from the Spawn-Shanielle Park line over the top of the station building were demolished. Only the bridge of the Dry Island - Bamboo Hills line has been kept.

There may be plans to create a 'Hidden Cities' express service to stop at this station in future. It would run from Trap City to Melinka Town via the S20, S23 and E1/E10 tracks. It would not run frequently.