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This is Morija, a city build by Tztr, Tulipa and X-D. It is located 🌍 4401,15,1900 (map). As it is still still really at the beginning of construction, so don't expect too much of the city.


The city offers free lv/hv power connection(not unlimited) to players setteling in the industry area and build a nice looking building. The city doesn't care what you do inside your building as long as nobody else get hurt(of course you still need to follow all serverrules). A conection to Morija underground is also possible(free if you do it yourself). Befor building, please ask tztr where is space to build.

already build:

"Die Waage"
  • a monument called """Die Waage""". It is build from flint and stonetiles. Maybe it will be changed a bit in futur.


purple:center, dark_green:industrie_area light_green:harbour red:far_east_railway
  • Bank
  • Postoffice
  • Hotel
  • Townhall
  • Undergroud
  • Industrie_area including a trainstation
  • Harbour

Problems(feel free to move here anything you notice):