Mountain View Subway Station

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Mountain View
MountainView PlatformU4.png
Looking southwest, trains pass both ways.
Coordinates🌍 -980,20,-325 (map)
Other information
Station codeMnn
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Ice Mountain

Mountain View is a subway station on the Spawn Subway network, served by Line 4. It is named after the fact that you can easily view Mount Gabriel on the south, It serves an area on the west edge of what is generally considered Spawn. The station's construction is average, with a mix of cheap materials like bare stone along with stone tile but also fenced with mushroom trunks and lit with CNC glo stone cross shapes.

Just on the north of the station is Tom Lehrer Street. The station platforms have elevator access to the Mountain Ring Road. On the east is an elevated walkway that leads back towards the west edges of Spawn.

Nearby residents include gab and Jug. There is some free land still on the south side of the station, but genreally the fre land is quite restricted: The land on the north belongs to ⚖️ laza, with an area named lazaland, and the land on the south and west is part of a large area given to karlota. The next nearest free land is somewhat on the edges of Raja.

The name of the area is PVP station. This refers to the fact that there was a PVP arena right north of the station. (The northern half of it still exists as the Testing Area)