Museum Subway Station

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Museum Subway Overpass SouthView.png
A line 2 train arrives to go towards Szymon's Dam.
Coordinates🌍 -735,3,-765 (map)
Other information
Station codeUni
OpenedMay/June 2017
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Szymon's Dam
toward Planetarium

Museum Subway Station is a station of the Spawn Subway network, serving lines 2 and 7. It is named after the museum that bernhardd constructed just outside but which remains empty. The station is on Haskell Curry Street and the overpass is on Townsend Street. The walk from Knuth Avenue Subway Station is one of the easiest in the subway network, with a bridge crossing the railway in between.

Its construction is above average, with good use of colour coding for lines, a variety of materials, and good subterranean lighting. However, gray wool remains on the surface level even though Line 7 was moved underground. Also, the platforms are somewhat narrow which means that transfers require walking outside the station along the paths of West Riverside.


The station was opened betwen May and June 2017 as part of the extension from Knuth Avenue to Banana Forest. During the same period between May and June, Line 7 was added and it shared the tracks of Line 2 between Cathedral and Museum.

In December 2017, Line 7 was broken off from Line 2 and no longer stopped at this station; instead it was moved further west to join Line 6 earlier.

Eventually, it is thought some time in 2018/2019, the Line 7 was re-routed to stop at Museum again. This time however, the tracks are completely separate and sit on a subway level below the surface platforms of Line 7.



bobbybob cleaned up area nearby in March/April, so the terrain to the southeast looks a bit different.