Noob Express

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Noob Express
TerminiLand's End
Line number35
Number of tracks2
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

To Crystal Farms
Manaugh Memorial - CFE S14
Personhood West - CFE S16 ATL-B
The Cube - E1 CFE ATL-B Neverbuild branch
Lusin Street
Ehlodex Station - E1 CFE S12 S13 ATL-M
Perlin River
Leekston East - 5
Szymon's Dam - CFE 1 2
Koshahood - KS
Chasm of Segfault - KS 2
Sandy Point
South Forest E2 SMR 21
Green Edge 21
Outlet Store
Melinka Town E1
Musa Island
Desert Junction Station
Sinensis Plains
Elders Valley
Trisiston E3 S30 S31
to Sraczka's Village, Garden of Eden

The Noob Express, code NX, is a service of the Express Lines network from Trisiston to Personhood via South Forest. It is named such because it travels through all the noob towns of LinuxWorks.

The Noob Express was formed on 8 December 2019 from the merger of the XN and E35 express lines. It runs on the Trisiston-Melinka Railway, Melinka Town Mainline and Hume Line.