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View of Nadine Palace
View of Nadine Palace
Foundedearly 2019
Founded by⚖️ nadine
 • Mayor⚖️ nadine

Nadinetopia is a small city north of Personhood, built by ⚖️ nadine. It is known for being a very colorful settlement with buildings built out of expensive materials. It features a palace, built out of lightblocks with a bronze roof and gold highlights. Sitting next to it, there is the unfinished Nadine Shop, which will feature a wide variety of goods once it opens.


Transport is provided by the Nadinetopia station on S14, providing trains to Personhood Main Station, Shore and Manaugh Memorial. Service to Central Personhood will be provided by tram line 2 of Personhood Tram, whose construction is currently on hold due to uncertain routing within Nadinetopia.