Nadinetopia Station (Personhood)

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Nadinetopia Station
Nadinetopia Station.png
Nadinetopia station, with a train headed for Flying Vine station
Coordinates🌍 1510,16,3310 (map)
Line(s)Personhood Northern Bypass
Other information
Station codeNend
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
toward Shore

Nadinetopia station, formerly known as North End station, is a station along the S14 line of the Personhood Metrorail. It is currently the primary station for Nadinetopia. Nadinetopia also used to be served by the north end of the Personhood Tram network, before that network was decommissioned.

The station is above ground with a tar platforms. It is well illuminated with glostone and has sakura leaf decorative elements.