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TypeExpress Train
SystemExpress Lines
LocaleSpawn, Riverside, Stallmangrad
Number of tracks2
Route map

Spawn Main Station (Spawn 21) E1 E2 S1
Riverside S1
North Onionland
Sandy Point
Outer Limits
Bamboo Plains
Memek's Bridges

The Nanepiwer is an express route from Riverside direct to Stallmangrad. The route runs on state mainlines from Riverside to Onionland, Onionland to Outer Limits, and Outer Limits to Stallmangrad.

The route is named in honour of nanepiwo, who is known to be one of the most influential people in Riverside, where this service begins.

History and Future

The route was commissioned by gabriel around 2019-08-10 without much ceremony. The fact that a new service was able to be created in such a short period is testament to the labours of railway construction that go on in the server, which have made it possible to commission a new service simply by connecting different mainlines. It was made during Blockhead's initial creation of the regional railway map.

With the renovation of Spawn 21 complete, the route was extended to Spawn Main Station on 2019-11-28.