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City? (NOPE)
Neverbuild seen from Island
Neverbuild seen from Island
No Spider Left UnF******
Coordinates: 🌍 1350,12,1940 (map)
Founded byUser:Osthoff21

Neverbuild is an city founded in the Lava/Savannah biome.


  • Owners: Osthoff21, luli, Attebery97, insoating76
  • Known active contributor(s): Smacker (does most of the work)


Map of the Local Lines of Neverbuild

Neverbuild has one two platform double track central station, serving as a terminus for some lines and an intermediate station for others. The connection to the mainline (SM1) is made via the Island Station.

Trains serving Neverbuild Central:

Trains serving Neverbuild West:

Neverbuild also has its subway network, which consists of two lines running perpendicular to each other and a ring line, connecting Neverbuild with the islands of the archipelago:

Tourist Attractions

Neverbuild has many interesting buildings, but one stands out when it comes to popularity. Osthoff21's Bloody good shop is, according to a study by the Neverbuild Times, the most popular and most-travelled building in Neverbuild. Perhaps you will also "WANA see the cheap shop"?

Also, if you want some food, check out the BlackDot Cafe, which is run by Lucas Burlingham and sometimes has free food.

BlackDot Cafe

ARSE7's shop is also a great attraction. You can get your basic necessities and even some TNT for your next mining trip. In a casa few days will open new shop in Neverbuild: Uranium Shop builded by User:ARSE7 and have an Uranium factory maked by User:Lordy and ARSE7

Famous Buildings


According to Smacker, Osthoff21 ruined the whole city when he broke the interlocking. Osthoff21 is still wondering when Gab will do the interlocking. According to CalebJ, Neverbuild is Neverbuilt. "Perhaps that sums it up best". CalebJ also predicted that on September 11th, Neverbuild would be bombed by derelict's blimp. According to lemons1, the blimp "looks like something scary". According to Kantharos, the name "Neverbuild" is just short for "I wish it was never built". According to lucasburlingham, "Neverbuild is an overlooked area, inhabited by the creative spirits of minetest lag."

Future Plans

  • Make a cafe -Done! (BlackDot Cafe)

And other things WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Other names

  • User:Smacker called it Spiders upon Schlong because User:Osthoff21 is always f*****g the spiders.
  • User:Hume2 called it Osthoff's Game of Life because the buildings of Neverbuild seem to self-develop, like in the Conway's game of life.