North Harbour Plantation Line

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North Harbour Plantation Line
LocaleSpawn to North Harbour and beyond
TerminiBlockhead's Stone Tile Factory
Northlands Interchange
Number of tracks2
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Stone Tile Factory
Railway Triangle 1
North Harbour
East-West Link to Apple Grove
Proposition 65 Junction (East-West Link)
Nice overhangs
to Icebreaker
from Icebreaker
The Cannery
to/from Paper Mill
Northlands Interchange
to Northern Islands

The North Harbour Plantation Line is a mixed use railway line running from a factory in spawn owned by Blockhead to his plantation and beyond. It runs on the previously-disused Trump express mainline from spawn to North Harbour, which has been extended further north by ⚖️ Smacker, Blockhead and Maverick2797.


To commission the line, Blockhead applied the following plan:

  • Obtain necessary permissions - this took some time and some direct asking.
  • Interlock the line - this was done on 2019-07-12.
  • Begin operation with existing rollingstock

At the end of October 2019, 👑 gabriel proposed an extension to a ferry terminal, from which ferries to various northern lands should depart. The terminal was completed as Northlands Interchange in November.

Passenger service with the E5 train began in September 2020.


Blockhead obtained these permissions to set up the line

  • train_operator to drive the train - he used to be able to drive his own train but this changed with an advtrains update.
  • interlocking to set up interlocking past North Harbour.


The line is isolated from the rest of the network and uses previously disused lines. There are turnouts that would allow a train to enter the Spawn Subway Line 1 tracks. These points are locked so that trains cannot travel this way. There are 4 junctions on the line:

  • Entry to the mainline from factory basement. Requires crossing left track to enter normal right-hand traffic. Done by Smacker.
  • Railway Triangle and crossover - lock all points straight. Done by Smacker.
  • North Harbour tunnels - lock all points straight. Dwarf signals may be needed to ensure opposite train movements will not stop a train travelling the other way. Done by Smacker.
  • Siding to plantation - one block for the siding to let a train leave the mainline. Done by Blockhead assisted by Smacker.


Since September 2020, E5 trains operate on the line between Spawn 21 and Northlands Interchange.

The logging operation uses one industrial engine with logging wagons, but may be extended to multiple trains in future. Test runs with manual operation have been made, and an automatic route may be introduced by Blockhead later. The route does not operate at all times, usually just when the plantation is in use.