North Harbour Subway Station

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North Harbour
NorthHarbour PlatformU1.png
A Line 1 train departs for Windy Mountains
LocationNorth Harbour
Coordinates🌍 -747,3,580 (map)
  • 1
  • 7
  • TommyBeeBop Line 1
  • North Harbour Mountain Railway
Other information
Station codeNha
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Palm Bay
toward Planetarium

North Harbour is a station on the Spawn Subway network, serving Lines 1 and 7. It is named after the locale of North Harbour.

The station's construction is varied, with cactus bricks, iron stone bricks and checker floor, wrought iron stairs, orange and stone brick platform edge and torches for lighting.


Line 1: Inside the mountain.

Line 7: Beneath the Line 1 platform. Use this platform to get under the Line 1 platform.

Express Platforms: East of the mountain. No service, now part of the North Harbour Plantatation Line.

Mountain railway platform: East of the express platforms. Use the underpass

TommyBeeBop station: East of the mountain railway platform. No service.


The station used to be the terminus of a Trump Express Line, before all of those lines were closed in the wake of the GTSB.

In late May 2017, the station was being served by Lines 1 and 5, with both lines terminating here. At this time, there was no Line 7 and instead Line 5 ran to North Harbour as its north terminus, instead of Leekston as it does today.

TommyBeeBop constructed a line from Kaufhaus Des Westens to Bamboo City under Spawn, including a station at North Harbour. This line is not operated.