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OCP is a chain of stores operated by Och_Noe. The short form "OCP" comes from "Och_Noe's Customer Paradise" (or "Och_Noe's Consument's Paradijs"), which should express that customers should find many often needed items and get good service.

OCP Stores

OCP stores have mostly (power) tools, machines and construction materials.

  • OCP (Main) Store at Line 4 Desert View Station, via shuttle also Line 1 (Apple Grove) and Line 3 (Large Beach/End Station). The lower floors are used for production and storage.
  • OCP Ministore at Personhood, two parts with an connecting cellar
  • OCP Store in the BikeDome (tinted glass and dyes)

Stores with the label "Och Noe"

Store with the Label "Och Noe('s)" offer a selection of different items, not limited to some types of items.

  • "Och Noe's" at Line 4 Spawn Subway Station
  • "Och Noe's" Premium Shop at Spawn Market
  • unlabeled store in the Birch Bay Station (Line 1) (2nd upper floor)
  • unlabeled food store (ground level)
  • a part of "The Supermarket" in Trap City
  • a shop in the Spawn Market

Planned Stores