Ocean City Financial Fraud

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According to User:CalebJ and User:Ywang, User:ARSE7 has committed financial fraud in Ocean City. The reasons include:

  • User:ARSE7 set up faregates in public areas, including public mine. However, they are now removed.
  • User:ARSE7 forced others to buy houses in order to live in Ocean City. The priced has been reduced so that it only includes the service fee for power supply, and User:ARSE7 claims that he has the money back to those in Ocean City. However, this claim is not confirmed yet.

From User:CalebJ:

  • User:ARSE7 has made false promises to several members about pay-back for jobs, which he never seems to remember. Thus, CalebJ suspects Silver coast will become a ghost town within a few weeks of its arrival.
  • User:ARSE7 also forced people to pay for living space, and forced them to build homes with specific materials. Each "public" place had faregates, and that is where OC died. ARSE7 had pocketed an estimated 500MG from OC without giving even a quarter of that to Ywang, who also built the city before.

This should be named ARSE7 Financial Fraud, because Ocean City is nouw dead .... and with the new Silver coast rail that ruined the city entirely, its nouw haunted.