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View of some of Onionland's first buildings.
View of some of Onionland's first buildings.
Coordinates: -194,8,-904
FoundedDecember 2017
Founded bynanepiwo

Onionland is User:Nanepiwo's first developed area. It was initially the southern terminus of Line 2 , a small single-track station building surrounded by undeveloped hills of onions. Nanepiwo took a liking to the area and set up a base dug into the plateau across from the station building. The area gradually expanded, including a new desert sandstone bridge built by User:Trump as well as extensive terraforming. There are now several towers built into the plateau, as well as some perpetually unfinished, roofless buildings with no purpose on the other side of the river. The town center has a marble bricks fountain that collects the corpses and meat of drowned animals, sending them to nanepiwo's base.

New Onionland Station

In light of an expanding subway network, it became necessary to create a new Onionland station in order to allow extensions of Line 2 past this terminus. The new station is located on the southern shore of the local river, is made out of stone brick, and allows for bidirectional travel. It is perhaps in a more inconvenient location, but there is access from both the east and west end to all directions. The old station building remains as a reminder of an undeveloped Onionland, and was decommissioned on 28 February 2018, 3 months after its construction.

Orange Lake

View of Orange Lake from a nooby island
Happy New Year sign
Western exit of Orange Lake and Bienchen's house

The stop immediately west of Onionland on Line 2 is Orange Lake. It is named after the nearby lake and the orange trees along its coast. In contrast to some nooby floating cobble islands in the middle of the lake, its coast is well-developed. Tsuyoshi built his home there from marble bricks, but it was never finished. The area also includes several Onionland towers made of various kinds of brick, all interconnected with paths at multiple levels and with easy covered access to both Onionland and Orange Lake stations. North of the lake and a short tunnel is a sign reading "Happy New Year 2018" located in area number 2018. Orange Lake station also has a new exit on its western end, with a wooden staircase to the western edge of Onionland and the path towards Bananame. Visitors also find Bienchen's abandoned home there.

North Onionland

View of North Onionland

North of a canal linking Onionland's river to an ocean with access to Riverside and Torvalds Canal, visitors find the new neighborhood of North Onionland. It is a small plot of land bordered on three sides by mainlines to Riverside and South Forest, and on the fourth side by the river. User:kail and User:Piklor own a house there. It is served by line S1 at the North Onionland station, which was reconstructed from the ground up on 15-16 April 2019. This station is built from junglewood planks and trees, as a reminder to the former jungle biome that was flattened during construction.