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View of the city from west.
View of the city from west.
Totum incipit hic
(Everything starts here)
Location of Origin
Coordinates: 0,0,0
FoundedApril 2017
Founded bygabriel
 • MayorFelfa (Die PARTEI)

Origin is a coastal city built around the world origin of coordinates, managed by Felfa. It's also the initial spawn point for every new player. It's eminently a residential and commercial city.


The name of the city echoes the term used to refer the point in a Cartesian tridimensional space where every axis are meeting. That's because the city it's located both on meridian and parallel 0 axis.

For the same reason, the main square of the city is named as Cartesian Square.


Territorial organization and urbanism

Neighborhoods and Districts

The political and administrative organization of Origin divides oficially the city into 4 districts:

  • Central/Inner Origin
  • Agbar (part of Origin Island metropolitan area)
  • Northern Origin-Urbarroja
  • East Origin

It also has some scattered rural districts under development at the southern part.

Places of interest and recreation areas

Admin Shop LinuxWorks Explanada Origin Court.png
Colosseum.png Origin jail.png

A store settled in the Cartesian Square, serving mostly uncommon and uncrafteable items (special tracks, billboards, apartment panels...).

A 70m promenade made out of 1400 tesserae built at early January 2018, during the first Northern Origin district reforms, next to the Origin Sands.

It features the Pacmine Arena. Consists of two mazes ocuppying around 900 m² (Pacmine Mini), and another larger maze (Pacmine Classic) of about 1200 m². It's also the loudest place on the server.


Topographic evolution of the city (since August 2017).

The city is located on the shores of the Torvalds Canal. Originally it was found in a green grass plain surrounded by a jungle from north-west, a wood of mushroom-shaped trees from south and a bamboo grove from east.

As buildings and urbanizations have grown on this city, the weather has dried up and consequently, the dimensions of the jungle biome have been decreasing in favor of the grow of the bamboo and grove biome. The terrain is mostly flat, and currently the urban facade and the green grass predominates. It lacks of any ravines or mountains. An artificial beach, Origin Sands, also stands out at the northern part of the municipality.


The economy of this city is driven mostly by tourism, commerce and industry. It features several rental and purchasable houses along the northern and western area of the city, some of them supplying electric power for the inhabitants.

Origin also offers several commercial services, such as stores and restaurants. The first and the most prominent store of the city is Mercadona, found at the central part of the city. This area also had a lottery administration, until its dismantlement in October 2018 due to suspicion of financial fraud. Also, the local transport of this city is paid with a small fee.


Marcuse Street Station

Origin is served by a number of Spawn Subway lines, including lines 1, 2, 2a, 4, 5 and 8. Origin is served by Marcuse Street Station on the Spawn-Origin Mainline, which operates train services to Spawn, South Forest, Riverside, Kulbacki Land, X Nihilo, Personhood and Crystal Farms.


The only and most important festival in this region is the Burning Pine Day and it takes place during February 24 every year.