Origin Island

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Origin Island
Aerial view looking west from Central Origin
Aerial view looking west from Central Origin
Location of Origin Island
 • MayorFelfa (Die PARTEI)

Origin Island is division within the greater Origin metropolitan area. It is a natural island formed by a loop in the river.


The south end of the island has been bridged and this bridge mostly grassed over, but the river still flows beneath this bridge.

South of Sakharov Street has been settled in a very ad-hoc fashion, but the rest of the island is highly planned.

Planned and developed areas include the Agbar area in the middle-east, the Mons area in the middle-west, the Bremerhaus developments on the northeast and Snowland in the northwest.

Snowland is the site of an abandoned prison. The prison has a large field for potatoes, carrots and flax. This can be viewed from the visitor's entrance on the south side, on Albach Street.

North of Snowland is the factory "Altos Hornos" and on the north side of this factory is a rail yard. These are owned by Felfa and Tuxedo Company.


There is an extensive road network on the island. The east edge of the island down to Sakharov Street has a stone tile path along the river as an artificial shore. There is one bridge on the north side, one bridge on the south side, 5 on the east side and 3 on the west side. Two of these are tram-only bridges for the tram line from Origin Central.

There are 4 subway stations on Origin island:

An unused tram line is also present on Albach Street, leading west to Ship Rock and east into Lovelace Avenue, Central Origin.