Osthoffian Style

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Island Station, a prime example of Osthoffian Architecture


Osthoffian Style is an architectural style, one which causes much debate.

Rules of the Style

According to the book, "Modern Architecture", written by Osthoff21, there are 10 rules to this style.

  1. It MOST be made of Willouw wood.
  2. Don't use the table saw. Its useless.
  3. Skyscrapers HAV to be 9x9 at most.
  4. Buildings MOST be cramped.
  5. Staircases are outdated. Use elevators.
  6. (Also rules 7-10) If you don't have "enough resources", just say "Can U please help Smacker". It always works.

Osthoffian naming conventions

The Appendix A of "Modern Architecture" by Osthoff21 contains 3 rules of naming conventions.

  1. The name must be a common word (such as Island or Shore) and must be found in the vocabulary.
  2. Naming collisions are solved by adding a number.
  3. If anyone tells you that you have poor fantasy, just ignore him.

Rules for building shittles

The Appendix B of "Modern Architecture" by Osthoff21 contains 5 rules of building shittles.

  1. Use only willow wood or cobblestone.
  2. If there is any obstacle (like a Smacker's building), make a hole through it.
  3. If a shittle works for too long, fuck it up.
  4. Wait for Gab to do the interlocking.
  5. If a shittle is fucked up, build another one right next to it.

Morganian Style

Morgania Town
Morgania Town from the front. Note that every window corresponds to a different cell.
Alternative namesChicken Coop
General information
StatusPartially demolished
TypeApartment complex
Architectural styleMorganian Style
Town or cityPersonhood

The Osthoffian style was adopted by morgan8, who produced the Morganian Style of Architecture. It is considered to be the crossing of Osthoffian Architecture and CW Complex construction techniques, resulting in a particularly pure architectural style. Morganian buildings are composed of willow or cobble cells of no more than 3 to 4 m². This style is most prominently featured in the Morgania Town (nicknamed "chicken coop") in Personhood.

Another example of the Morganian style can be found at the southern city exit of West Riverside. The board of West Riverside currently discusses to outlaw the Morganian style within city boundaries.


According to CalebJ, Smacker is getting too tired of helping Osthoff21, and eventually, he will burn Rules 6-10. CalebJ also thinks that Morgania is Osthoff's favorite city. According to piet, Osthoff's book is "nouw famoous".

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