Our Lady of Editor Train

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Our Lady of Editor Train
An OLE service waits at Snow Town before heading towards Midway Cliff and Our Lady of Editor
TypeExpress Train
SystemExpress Lines
TerminiGare de Paris Lyon
Our Lady of Editor
Number of tracks1
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Gare de Paris Lyon SM1
Snow Town JS SM1
Midway Cliff SM1
Our Lady of Editor

The OLE train is an express service operated by Kulbacki998. It parallels the Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline between Gare de Paris Lyon and Midway Cliff, after which it diverges to a final stop at Our Lady of Editor. The service actually pre-dates the Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline.

The service runs on its own track with a single train. The train has a mix of four industrial wagons, a subway wagon and a blue diesel engine (the blue diesel engine is typically nicknamed a 'shunter' because it can be picked up without destroying it, allowing users to carry one around for miscellaneous shunting tasks and personal transport; and also because of its low speed compared to other trains like a real shunter).