PK Factory Station (Personhood)

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PK Factory
PKF ViewOutsideNorthwest.png
View of the station from high up outside, looking northwest. The PK Factory itself is visible behind the station to the right, and CalebJ's Factory is visble in the background to the left.
Coordinates🌍 2345,29,3335 (map)
Line(s)Personhood-Oasis Mainline
Other information
Station codePkf
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station

PK Factory is the north-eastern terminus of the S15 line on Personhood Metrorail. It is located just south of the factory of PK Industries.

The station's construction is plain. It has two island platforms made of stone blocks and smooth stone platforms edges. The walls and roof are made of stone bricks and glass. It is poorly lit, with only super glow glass below the station signs providing any lighting.

This station is the end of Personhood Metrorail services. East of here, the Personhood-Oasis Mainline continues to Oasis. Service to Oasis and Grub Valley is provided by the Oasis Express service, which departs Personhood Main Station.