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Aereal photograph of central Personhood
Aereal photograph of central Personhood
Coordinates: 🌍 1532,28,2971 (map)
Founded byUser:Person
 • Mayortrap

Personhood is a major city in the northeast of the map and the previous beginner area. It is a portmanteau for "Person's Neighbourhood". Person was the first person to settle in the area, and the owner of a pet shop.

Personhood is not a heavily managed area. Anybody who wants to is free to explore around Personhood until they find free land to settle.

You can use the chat command /ph to teleport to Personhood at any time.


The city is served by Personhood Metrorail and Spawn-Personhood Mainline.

Regional Transport

Coming directly from Spawn Main Station, E1 services run to the main station in the east of the town, where you can connect to Personhood Metrorail services.

Passengers can take Crystal Farms Express or X Nihilo Express trains to get to Personhood West, which is the bigger station. If coming from Spawn Main on the E1, change at Ehlodex. If coming from Origin Subway Station, the easiest way is to catch a Spawn Subway Line 4 train to Pierre Berton Street Station and change for the Crystal Farms Express.

Passengers from Stallmangrad should take the Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline trains.

Regional Stations in the city are:


At the very centre of Personhood is a square with a fountain. From here the main avenues are Ernst Goldmann street, which runs East-West, and Dr. Rudolf Benario Street, which runs North-South. These roads are bicycle friendly and extend quite far.

Points of Interest

Most points of interest are within close proximity from Town Hall and are therefore categorized in this page instead.