Personhood-Oasis Mainline

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Personhood-Oasis Mainline
TerminiPersonhood Main Station
Oasis Station
Stations9 (3 regional and 6 Metrorail)
ServicesOEX S14 S15
Line length4.8 km
Number of tracks2+2 (Personhood Main ~ Mapgen Error)
4 (CalebJ's Factory)
2 (All other sections)
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Track 3/4 Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline
to Stallmangrad Main
Track 1/2 Spawn-Personhood Mainline
to Spawn Main
Personhood Main
Ernst Goldmann Street
"Unnamed Street P16"
"Unnamed Street P15"
Long distance track OEX
Local track
KIM Markov
Personhood City Tunnel S14 S15
Cobble Garden
Judy Reyes Street
Personhood Northern Bypass S14
Commit Message
Unnamed Highway 10
Mapgen Error
CalebJ's Factory siding
CalebJ's Factory
PK Railway (Shittle)
to PK Station (abandoned)
Mountain Hotel (abandoned)
Mountain Hotel
PK Factory siding
PK Factory End of S15
PK-Chromium Cargo Railway
GRUB Valley
Baka Line
Konquest Crystal Farm

Personhood-Oasis Mainline is a railway connecting Personhood and Oasis.

There are two train services serving this route: Oasis Express OEX serves the entire route but only stopping at Grub Valley and Oasis Station, while Personhood Metrorail S15 serves the section between PK Factory and Cobble Garden. In addition, Cobble Garden is also served by S14 which uses a short stretch of this route. There is no passenger service on the local track between Cobble Garden and Personhood Main Station however, as it is served by S14/S15 via the parallel Personhood City Tunnel.