Personhood City Tunnel

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Personhood City Tunnel
Number of tracks1 except within stations (Och_Noe's Lake ~ Bicycle Shop, Personhood West ~ Shoot Hills / Marnack Mills)
2 (all other sections)
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map

Roses Gardens East S16
"Unnamed Highway 10"
"Unnamed Street P12"
Connection to Personhood Southern Bypass
to Shore
Personhood Main Station Subway tracks
Ken Hensley Street
Goldmann Street
Connection to Personhood-Oasis Mainline
to PK Factory and Oasis
Church of Emacs
"Unnamed Street P17"
Dr. Rudolf Benario Street
Personhood Town Hall
Och Noe's Lake (Och Nös Tümpel)
"Unnamed Street P4"
Bicycle Shop
Personhood West StationS17 X Nihilo Mainline
"Unnamed Street P1"
Bamboo Bay Village
"Unnamed Highway 8"
Marnack Farms (freight)
Marnack MillsS15
Shoot Hills
"Unnamed Highway 1"
Bamboo Bay
Bamboo Bay Village S16S16bS17
Bamboo Bay South
Panda Reserve (Demolished)
To industrial sidings
Personhood Western Bypass
To Shore
Bamboo Bay West
Bamboo Bay Village - Holiday Beach Mainline
To Deep Valley Mountain

Personhood City Tunnel is a railway line in Personhood. Although it is called a "Tunnel", only the first part of the line, from Roses Gardens East to Och_Noe's Lake is the proper city tunnel that goes under the city of Personhood. Starting from Och Noe's Lake, it partially uses the alignment of the old Personhood Tram until Maze, and from there it runs as a regional commuter railway until it ends in a loop around Bamboo Bay. The line is double track between Roses Gardens East and Och Noe's Lake, from there on it is only single track with passing loops until Shoot Hills after which it is double track again in the loop around Bamboo Bay.


The City tunnel was built in its entirety in 2019 for the Personhood Metrorail system. It was opened in stages. First, the line between the link to Oasis and Personhood Main Station was opened, then the extension to Personhood West, then to Roses Gardens East and Deep Valley Mountain. In April 2019, the connection between the city tunnel and the Spawn-Personhood Mainline was opened, enabling S14 trains to serve southern Personhood. The branch to Marnack Mills was added in July 2019 along with a second track and platform at Shoot Hills. The S16 was then reconfigured to terminate at Marnack Mills instead of Maze and the S16a was created to serve Shoot Hills, Panda Reserve and Deep Valley Mountain. In June 2020, the Personhood City Tunnel was modified again with the opening of a double track loop around Bamboo Bay as the new western terminus. As part of that change, service to Deep Valley Mountain was switched from the S16a to the new S17 running on portions of the Personhood Western Bypass and Personhood City Tunnel and the Panda Reserve Station was retired with the opening of Bamboo Bay Village Station. On 06 October 2020, the S15 was rerouted to terminate at Marnack Mills instead of Roses Gardens East, effectively replacing the S16. The S16a was then renamed the S16.


The tunnel is used exclusively for Personhood Metrorail passenger trains, the section between Goldmann Street and Main Station being the backbone of the network, being served by all three lines.

Capacity Problems

The northern entrance to Personhood main station used to be a bottleneck, leading to large jams in front of it. This was served in April 2019 by reworking the interlocking and extending the S16 line to Roses Gardens East, freeing up capacity in the limited space of the tracks under main station.


If the Piet Train were to be included in the Personhood Metrorail network, it will connect to the city tunnel near Roses Gardens East.