Personhood South Station

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Personhood South Station
Coordinates🌍 1532,22,2659 (map)
Other information
Station codeosthoff-phs (S14), trphs (E1)
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Melinka Town
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
toward Shore

Personhood South Station is located at the southern end of Dr. Rudolf Benario Street, the primary north-south boulevard in Personhood. It is constructed primarily of red brick with some wood elements and super glow glass lighting. Two platforms upstairs provide service to the E1 line. The two platforms at ground level provide service for the S14 line.

Just outside the entrance there is also a platform for the Personhood Tram that appears to be out of service.


The station was modified in early December of 2019 as part of the Quadruplicate Spawn-Personhood Mainline project. This included building a second platform and new tracks at ground level in order to move Personhood Metrorail service from upstairs to ground level.

Nearby Points of Interest

The land around this station is mostly undeveloped. The following PoIs are only accessible through the north exit:

  • Mineshaft by Powerslave
  • Phawksden (Has a small shop)
  • A Technic Station-like corner at BreadBox64's territory (outside the door)

South Exit

There are some vacant land between the station and KhaoZ's territory, which occupies the southernmost tip of Personhood.