Personhood Main Station

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Personhood Main Station
View across all the surface platforms from the eastern platform
Coordinates🌍 1739,27,2924
Other information
Station codetrph (tracks 1&2) ph-main (unused tracks 3&4, track 7), phst (metrorail)
Preceding station   Personhood Metrorail   Following station
toward Shore
toward PK Factory
Preceding station   Express Lines   Following station
toward Oasis
toward Melinka Town
toward Stallmangrad

Personhood Main Station is the main railway station located in the southeastern quadrant of Personhood. It serves as a major regional terminus for regional trains from Spawn and Stallmangrad as well as a central hub for the local Personhood Metrorail trains.

The above ground portion has 7 tracks and 4 platforms, and is built of desert stone brick. There is also one additional track that is presumably intended for parking or storage; it is attached to the Island Shuttle line tracks.

The underground portion is for the Personhood Metrorail and has 2 tracks and 1 island platform. It is built of desert stone brick and marble. All metrorail lines run through this station and share the one platform.


A railway was first built in the period late January-Mid February 2018 but no station was yet built. The Piet Train appears to have been started in mid July 2018 and in the following month of August the station was first built with the 4 surface platforms it currently has. Tracks 1-2 were connected to the E1 line and tracks 3-4 were connected to the Stallmangrad-Personhood Mainline.

The main station was one of the earliest features in Personhood. Birch Bay Transport operated an express that stopped at Lusin Street, The Cube, Personhood Main, Grub Valley and Oasis in the pre-TSS era. The line north to GRUB Valley and Oasis was left abandoned for a long time until circa January 2020 when the newer Oasis Express service started.


  • Track 1: Oasis Express to Oasis stopping at Grub Valley
  • Track 2: E1 towards Melinka Town
  • Track 3: SM1 towards Stallmangrad
  • Track 4: No service
  • Track 5: Smacker and Piet Express
  • Track 6: Chiculata Express towards Roses Gardens
  • Track 7: Island Shuttle (Stations at Island, Bambus and Neverbuild)
  • Subway: 2 tracks for Personhood Metrorail