Personhood Western Bypass

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Personhood Western Bypass
Track gauge886.3 mm (2 ft 10 78 in) Advtrains gauge
Route map
Personhood City Tunnel to Roses Gardens East
Personhood WestS16S16aS17S18CFENXATL-B
Wooden Trestle
"Unnamed Highway 8"
Bamboo Bay Village
"Unnamed Highway 1"
To Personhood City Tunnel
Bamboo Bay VillageS16aS16bS17
Bamboo Bay Village - Holiday Beach Mainline
To Deep Valley Mountain
Warehouse (freight)
Bamboo Bay WestS16aS16b
Furniture Factory (freight)
Winery (freight)
To Personhood City Tunnel
Marnack Farms South (Freight)
Bamboo Bay Village
Redwood Truss
Plantain HillsS18
Plantain Hills Canal
Personhood Southern BypassS14S18

The Personhood Western Bypass (PHWB) is a railway line west of Personhood. The first portion of the line was built in and around Bamboo Bay Village and was originally intended for freight. However, the line is now intended as mixed-use, providing for service between Personhood West and Shore via Bamboo Bay Village. It was built as a double track line to minimize delays to passenger service due to expected freight traffic. The first use of the line for passenger service occurred on 08 June 2020 when the S17 began running on the segment between Personhood West and Bamboo Bay Village Station. The S18 began running between Personhood West and Plantain Hills on 11 September 2020 and was extended to run to Shore a week later.


The eastern end of the line begins at Personhood West. Shortly after leaving the station, the line descends to a long wooden trestle bridge followed by two different overpasses crossing map generated wooden roads. Continuing west, the line climbs into Bamboo Bay Village station where two passenger sidings allow thru-traffic to continue unimpeded. Leaving the station, the line continues west for a short distance until it reaches a classic wooden water tower where the line then turns due south. A set of freight sidings on the east side of the tracks provide for service to some of the village's major industries. South of the freight sidings, the line heads into a tunnel after which it immediately descends a long slope past the large northern field of Marnack Farms South to the entrance of the next tunnel. After that short tunnel the line stretches past the large southern field of Marnack Farms South before continuing south across a redwood truss bridge spanning an expanse of quicksand. Immediately after the bridge, the line heads into a banana biome and its final tunnel where it turns southeast. After emerging from the tunnel, the longest on the line, it enters Plantain Hills Station. It then crosses the Plantain Hills Canal immediately after the station and then continues along the lake shore and among the banana trees until it reaches the junction with the Personhood Southern Bypass.


The line was built in stages over the course of several months in the second half of 2019. The eastern segment from Personhood West to the approach to the wooden trestle bridge wast built by ⚖️ Och_Noe and was the final segment of the line to be built. Marnack built the wooden trestle bridge and the central portion of the line until just before the start of the Mushroom biome. ⚖️ Smacker and Osthoff21 built the southern section, including the two tunnels and bridge. Marnack added ballast between the final tunnel and the junction. Marnack added the bridge over the Plantain Hills Canal in August 2020 as part of the canal project followed by Plantain Hills Station in early September 2020.