Phawksden Station (Personhood)

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Phawksden Station
Phawksden Station.png
The Phawksden Station's lower level platforms
Coordinates🌍 1609,18,2638 (map)
Other information
Station codePwd
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toward Shore

Phawksden Station is a station along the S14 line of the Personhood Metrorail, in the southern region of Personhood.

The station is above ground and is built with stone brick and a mix of other materials including default wood, slab split stone, frost wood and stone tile.

The two lower level platforms service the S14 line. The two upper level platforms are not in use, following the construction of separate tracks for the S14 service.

Nearby Points of Interest

The north exit provides direct access to Unnamed Street P17. On the south side, there are some vacant land between the station and KhaoZ's territory, which occupies the southernmost tip of Personhood.

  • Hard Rock Teck (Privately-owned Technic Station open to public)
  • Phawksden (Has a small shop)