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Yellouw eggs

"Pietspeech", "Piet-speech" or "Piet-speak" is a variant of written English language, where certain words are differently spelled. The inventor and only native speaker of this language is User:Piet, after whom the language is named. This language is often used as an alternative to English, and it is one of the most frequently used languages on this server, along with "regular" English, German, and Russian.

According to CalebJ, Pietspeech is actually quite close to Dutch, NOT English. He believes it is a mixture of Dutch/English. Afrikaans is mainly Dutch, so it also applies. For example:

  • now (English) = nu, nou (Dutch, Afrikaans)
  • Trump = Troef
  • cow = koe, koei
  • how = hoe

Interestingly enough, you would typically say "works not" in Dutch, instead of "Does not work". Example:

  • Does not work (English) = werk nie (Afrikaans), werkt niet (Dutch)
  • Want (English) = willen (Dutch)
  • Wants (English) = wil (Dutch, Afrikaans)
  • Must (English) = Moet (Dutch, Afrikaans)

Maybe you don't, but I certainly see a correlation. But here is the one that will really get you thinking ...

  • Sorry (English) = Jammer (Afrikaans)

I wonder if piet is jammed on that word ...

Pietspeech used in LinuxWorks Minetest Server Wiki. Note the diiferent spelling of "now" and "must" compared to English.


Many words are spelled differently in Pietspeech. However, most of them follow specific rules. For example:

English Pietspeech Examples
-u- -o-
  • must -> most
  • Trump -> Tromp (tromp)
-ow -ou(w)
  • now -> nouw
  • how -> hou
  • cow -> cou
-ve -v / -f
  • give -> gif
  • have -> hav

The following are spelled differently in Pietspeech that do not seem to follow the above rules:

Pietspeech English
concordes coordinates
look I am wasting your time
pleise place
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I will do that again, I'm only pretending to be sorry now.
will want
witch which, with
works not does not work

Common Sayings

  • WARNING: CalebJ is now killed by hes chat message
  • 3 2 1 drop it tu du du du du tu du du tu du du – its a song
  • Hume2 edition nouw – motherfuckers.. cmon motherfuckers.. cmon yeah i ban evibuddy and i kick piet and thats is so nice (song also exists for User:Och_Noe).
  • look i'm dancing
  • piet the adult killer is back
  • who will buy gabriels arms and lags and body and head? – WARNING: its a body from a peinguing
  • rghnuzghuerguzehguegherihigrehguieughigudirdghdfjghrdigudhrgiudrghrdiugdrhgidughdrgiduhgdiughdgiudrhguidrghdiurghduighrduighdrgirdghdiguhiufshigsusguifgsfuisfhisufgsiufgsduisgdfisdfg that is my minetest language for GABRIEL OCH_NOE DESTROY THE
  • yes papa i have ban piet he was my enemy he was so good
  • man i am going to destroy xban priv from Och_Noe
  • NOW SHUT UP or else i throw you in the shit