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View from the north.
View from the north.
Flag of Raja
Coordinates: 🌍 -1125,28,-270 (map)
Founded byraja
 • Governorkarlota

Raja is a small settlement located in the savanna plains west of Spawn. Its name is derived from the Pyramid of Raja in the midst of which the settlement is built. West of it are a large number of lonely, unoccupied townhouses.


The settlement was started next to the pyramid of Raja, which was built by the eponymous user. Construction of the settlement itself was began in March-May 2018 by User:karlota. Aside from the central pyramid, constructions include a Town Hall, the Church of St James, and a number of parks. There is also a subway station served by Line 4, Maxwell Street.


PyraCo is based in the settlement, with its Head Quarters and manufacturing facility being located on the corner of Tom Lehrer Street and Industry Way.