Redwood Station

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Redwood Station WestView.png
Platform looking west with an S23 terminating
Coordinates🌍 -1730,11,-1820 (map)
Other information
Station codeRew
Preceding station   Local Lines   Following station
toward Arcadius
toward Mom Junction

Redwood is a station made by fiftysix and Hume2. Its construction is average, of desert stone platforms with red clay walls, and a trackbed of desert sandstone bricks and tar. Service is currently operated by Local Line S23. The station is located on the crossing of the railway lines Dry Island - Bamboo Hills and Railway 56.

There is an unfinished ice palace 'Ice Town 56' just south of the station.

The station is located at the west end of the condemned Luvr Tunnel. This old tunnel, with its terribly windy nature, has since been abandoned. The extension of S23 to Mom Junction on 13 June 2020 uses a new alignment and adds a stop at Nimbyton, the place responsible for the tunnel in the first place.