Retrace lines in South-West quarter

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Hume2's first proposal
Gabriel's proposal
Hume2's second proposal

The lines in the South-West quarter of the map are mostly built by worldedit and need to be redone.

Purple dots are existing stations. New tracks are red, yellow tracks will be retraced, blue tracks will be optimised, green tracks will be kept and brown tracks will be removed. The white numbers are suggested order of jobs while the lines will be consistent at all times.


  • All places with a station should be still operated.
  • Bridges and tunnels should be built only when needed and shouldn't be long.
  • Station at Euler's Street must not become useless.
  • Sharp curves should be kept at minimum.
  • All new tracks must be built according to Railway Styleguide
  • Melinka should be easily accessible.
  • Parallel tracks should be kept at minimum.

Hume2's planned lines

Approved Parts of Project

On April 11 2019, User:gabriel approved the following projects for construction:

Hume2 Transport Company will be tasked with project coördination and planning the concrete execution of the line. HTC might hire subcontractors for specific tasks. Speak to User:Hume2 if you want to contribute.

Finished Parts of Project


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