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S1 Platform4 MarcuseStreet.png
A subway wagon waits at Marcuse Street Platform 4 to form an S1 service.
TypeLocal Train
SystemLocal Lines
LocaleSpawn, Onionland and Origin
TerminiSpawn Main Station
Origin (Marcuse St.)
Line numberS1
Number of tracks2
Route map

to Personhood
Spawn Main Station - 1 2 E1 E2 S12
towards South Forest
Riverside - 2 3 6
Banana Forest - 2 3
Eiffel Street - 2
Onionland North
towards South Forest
Onionland Beach
Perl Prospect - 8
towards Spawn
Origin (Marcuse St.) - E2 Klb 2

S1 is the local line running from Spawn Main Station to Origin (Marcuse St.) via Riverside and Onionland. Direct access between Spawn and Origin is faster with E2.

Rolling stock

The line is served by trains of 4 ordinary subway wagons with no route displayed.