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TypeLocal Train
SystemLocal Lines
StatusTerminating early
LocaleSpawn, Birch Bay, Trap City
TerminiTrap City
Euler Street
Line number20
Number of tracks2
Route map

Trap City Central Station
Trap City Aiport Station
Arcadius Station
Apple Grove
Green Hope
Mountain South
Euler Street

S20 is a service of the Local Lines network, running from Trap City to Euler Street via Arcadius, Apple Grove and Lighthouse.


After the great train service breakdown, this service was truncated to Apple Grove. The interlocking from there to Trap City was lost in the Great train service breakdown, episode 2. Service was incrementally rolled out to Arcadius and Trap City again. Full service was restored on 2019-09-05. It is hoped there are no further problems with ghost trains appearing in the interlocking.