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Signs like this show direction of travel and service interval
TypeLocal Train
SystemLocal Lines
LocaleTrap City, Wilderness
TerminiBamboo Hills
Tanh Cliffs
Line number23
Opened9 September 2019 (2019-09-09)
Line length1.8 km
Number of tracks2
Operating speed72 km/h max., 25 km/h avg.
Route map

Bamboo Hills E4 Bamboo Forest-Bikedome
Laza's Field
No Idea
Tanh Cliffs E3 E31
Redwood Railway 56

S23 is a service of the Local Lines network, running from Bamboo Hills to Redwood stopping at Laza's Field, No Idea and Tanh Cliffs. It is operated by DURT, who upgraded the line from Hume2's poor construction and converted it to left-hand traffic.

Travelling on this line

At stations with only 2 platforms services heading towards Redwood always depart platform 1, while services for Bamboo Hills depart platform 2. Services with more than one line present follow the rule for platforms at that station.

Service intervals are measured and updated for this train. They are posted on the green directional signs on the station signs at each station. These signs are a part of the heritage of the operation, they were instated with the old Dry Island - Bamboo Hills service.