Schwarzschildt Street

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Schwarzschildt Street
View from the west.
Platforms2 island platforms

Schwarzschildt Street is an important railway interchange located north of Origin. It is built from stone brick with stone tile accents. Tracks 1 and 2 serve the Spawn-Personhood Mainline, with a very long island platform in the middle. Lines E1 and S12 stop at the northern end of the platform. Tracks 3 and 4, accessed with an island platform to the south, serve Line 4. Schwarzschildt Street became the terminus of Line 4 after mainline trains began operation, and there is a depot for this subway line on the station grounds.

Despite the large size of the station, it seems to be located far from any notable places of interest. Adjacent to it can be found remnants of unprotected noob huts. West of the station, Hume2 built a viewing deck for a black hole. It includes a sign that details the significance of the "Schwarzschild radius". South of the station, next to the McFly Street subway station, is an outpost of the Treehouse Hotel.

The station is named after Karl Schwarzschild. It is unknown why the station name includes a "t" at the end, this was possibly a spelling mistake which was never corrected.